Private residence

LocationFoggia, Italy
ApplicationPaths and steps, Facades
Projectarch. Ciro Alfredo Matarante
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

This modern house with a magnificent view of the Apulian coast features modernist architecture that deliberately gives a nod to local building traditions in its use of pale stone for the dry-stone walls and the external paving, and the predominance of soft colours for the wall surfaces.

Architect Ciro Alfredo Matarante, who oversaw this project, chose lighting fixtures with a 3000K white light for the outdoor areas, most of them in a white finish to blend with the colours of the main building and the guest annexes.

The entrance to the house is marked by two staircases located on either side of the building: the one closer to the garden area is lit with Bright 1.B, in a double-beam version with 60° radial optics, and single-beam wall-mounted Intono 3.1 fixtures, chosen with asymmetrical optics to perfectly light the landings.

The other flight of stairs sees the use of Pasito Mini 1.2 step lights, with a white finish and 150°x90° asymmetrical optics; recessed in the niches of the boundary wall are Smoothy 1.6 diffuse-light recessed fixtures. The lighting project also encompasses the guest annexes and the terraced garden: Intono 3.1 wall-mounted fixtures have been employed for these areas, too, in a continuation of their use on the staircase, together with small Spot 1.6 stainless steel projectors with 40° optics, positioned in the flower beds to light the succulents, aloes and dwarf palms that punctuate this large garden.

The home’s interior mirrors the stylistic choices of the outdoor areas: light shades have been adopted for the furnishings, flooring and wall surfaces of the living area. To further enhance this space, Teko 5.1 ceiling-mounted fixtures have been used: elegant cylinders with diffuse light, positioned in pairs above both the kitchen counter and the dining room table.

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