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Technical support

Our customers have access to a complete support and advisory service:

  • lighting advice and technical support
  • training, with technical meetings aimed at illustrating the features and usage of LED devices
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Customized products

All the features of our lighting fixtures – aesthetic, electronic, optical and LED – can be customized.

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Warranty extension to 5 years

We offer anyone purchasing our products a warranty of 24 months against manufacturing or design defects as provided for under L&L’s General Terms and Conditions.
Furthermore, the high quality of our lighting fixtures allows us to extend the warranty period to 5 years.

Project protection

Because we maintain a database in which we record prescription projects, we have an overview with which we can help you protect your concept.
You can request the activation of the project protection by filling out the appropriate form. Once the form has been completed, the relevant office will take charge of the request and provide you with the confirmation and project references. The request is reserved for projects with a net value equal to or greater than €3000.00.

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