Management system quality policy

L&L Luce&Light has always made customer satisfaction one of its primary objectives, and has therefore taken care to:

  • continuously improve its operating methods;
  • comply with all legislation and directives relating to products, safety and the environment;
  • ensure the highest product quality.

The actions taken have always been consistent with the strategies and objectives decided by the Company.

L&L Luce&Light is therefore certain that it has always operated within a strategy of improving product/service quality, in order to face the market competitively. The company now intends to effect a transformation centred on the pursuit of quality at all levels.

Management is convinced that this can only be implemented by setting up and maintaining a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001, which must be implemented in every sector of the Company.

This is because, in a competitive market, quality is the main factor on which the future of the Company depends to:

  • put into practice its philosophy for the Company’s work organisation;
  • encourage its staff to participate more actively in company life;
  • give as much cohesion as possible to the Company's various production departments, thus involving them in a tighter relationship of mutual collaboration;
  • favour criteria of controlled efficiency and effectiveness when dealing with customers, while maintaining a cost-effective company management, fundamental to the survival of firms such as ours;
  • closely monitor any negative events while trying to give the greatest possible customer satisfaction;
  • seek to grow the company so that it can be innovative and flexible, able to adapt and redesign itself continuously according to the needs and demands of its customers and the market;
  • become a point of reference for large global investors.

The Company has therefore set itself ambitious objectives to base its policy on, which the Management has identified as:

  • Achieving an adequate position in its market sector.
  • Systematically promoting all initiatives aimed at a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.
  • High product quality levels, using the best technologies available, and company USPs aimed at achieving customer satisfaction, such as the speed of delivery of goods and response to requests.
  • Researching and qualifying suppliers of products/services deemed critical for quality, and establishing relationships of mutual trust and collaboration.
  • Bringing the company to a level of quality such that it can be confirmed by its customers and certified by the appropriate accredited bodies.
  • Using the best technologies available.
  • Enhancing human resources to encourage staff participation in improvement.

These objectives are shared by the entire workforce, who, in addition to their commitment to correctly managing the system, also feed back to the Management for the implementation and continuous improvement of the same.

During periodic reviews, Management establishes, on a case by case basis, the best corporate strategies aimed at the continuous evolution of the primary objectives and of its own management system. It also defines the specific objectives and commitments relating to the policy, allocating appropriate and adequate technical, human and economic resources.

Management then promotes the dissemination of the decisions taken to all staff, ensuring that they are understood, shared and implemented at all levels.