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Our job is to light up your projects

Designing and producing lighting systems using LED technology has been our speciality since 2007.

We are proud to be an authentic example of the Made in Italy branding, with a flair for innovation and a profound appreciation of architectural projects. Our lighting fixtures integrate perfectly with both indoor and outdoor spaces and surfaces to recreate natural architectural illumination. All our products are designed at our headquarters in Vicenza, Veneto, where our meticulous creative process guarantees the highest possible quality and the greatest, long-lasting reliability.

The different experiences that the three partners have brought to the company are expressed through cutting-edge technical design, associated with the analysis and selection of raw materials, a fully in-house mechanical and electronic production cycle, and thorough product testing. The availability of professional advice for your lighting projects, coupled with our deep commitment to after-sales care, make L&L a leading light in the sector.

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Our plus points

Ability, expertise and development


A venture in the field of LED lighting that has been going for ten years.

Customized products

Development of a product line tailored to the customer's requirements.

Made in Italy

Local design and production.


Laboratory tests: lighting, mechanical and resistance tests.


We will send you an order confirmation in 24 hours, and your order will be ready to ship in 8 working days.


Ongoing research into electronics, optics and mechanics.

Italian know-how and design

Quality and reliability Made in Italy

We pay great attention to the quality and reliability of our products, and to research into the raw materials we choose, in order to safeguard a core value for the company: the fact of their being Made in Italy.

The final product is the result of consolidated expertise, supported by careful technical design in L&L’s headquarters in Vicenza, where the mechanical and electronic production also takes place.

On-site production allows us to perform stringent checks on components, and also means we can satisfy requests for bespoke products.

All L&L lighting devices are tested and approved via E.O.L. (End Of Line) test with functioning test and check of electrical power consumption.

Protection systems

Continuous applied research

Our R&D team is dedicated to creating and improving protection systems that are always at the cutting edge of what is possible.

Electrical Protection System

This symbol identifies a lighting fixture with EPS, which protects fixtures for indoor applications against electrical problems.
This innovation, patented by L&L, guarantees electrical protection against polarity reversal, hot plugging and voltage spikes of up to 48Vdc, which can occur if there are faults in the electrical circuit.

Intelligent Protection System

The IPS protects lighting fixtures from water infiltrations, which can occur if there are faulty junctions between the cables in outdoor or underwater applications.
This innovation, patented by L&L, also guarantees electrical protection against polarity reversal, hot plugging, ESD and power surges, which can occur if there are faults in the electrical circuit.

Protective Impedance Device

The PID protects lighting fixtures from electrical phenomena external to the system, such as static electricity accumulation or electromagnetic interference coming from the mains power. Generally, these are events with a low energy content.

Surge Protection Device

The SPD protects lighting fixtures from electrical phenomena external to the system, such as power surges.
In particular, this device is specifically for protection against serious events with a high energy content.

Built-in temperature sensor

This is an NTC thermistor mounted on the LED board to protect the lighting fixture against overheating. Should the product function at an operating temperature greater than the maximum temperature at which it can operate correctly, the protection is activated and gradually reduces the power.
The NTC causes the integrated electronic parts to cool down to avoid the lighting fixture instantly switching itself off.
When the operating temperature is again within normal range, the NTC automatically restores the lighting fixture’s original operating conditions.

Technical processes

Technology and materials, visual comfort and design

L&L Luce&Light outdoor lighting fixtures are guaranteed against corrosion.

The materials and technical processes used in their construction protect both functionality and aesthetics, even in severe conditions of continuous exposure to atmospheric and environmental agents.

The paints used comply with the specifications of the Qualicoat standard used in the automotive sector, which ensure the products’ durability.

Choice of material

The choice of the high-quality aluminium alloy EN AB 47100, with a low copper content, ensures the basic material’s resistance to corrosion.

Epoxy paint

Outstanding adhesion to the treated surface, creating a protective base with excellent corrosion resistance.

Quality test

Check of the thickness and uniformity of the paintwork, and salt spray chamber tests (over 1000 hours).

Preparation for painting

Conversion coating with ceramic nanoparticles that increases corrosion resistance and improves paint adhesion.

Polyester paint

Adheres to the epoxy paint, creating a layer up to 120 μm thick and giving the finish UV and weather resistance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social and environmental issues

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), considered as a strategic orientation, encourages the company to adopt an ethical, responsible and socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development model.

The Venetian and Italian supply chain

From the very beginning, at L&L we have based our organisational model on a fundamental value: the development and maintenance of a local supply chain in Veneto and Italy. This choice allows us to actively participate in maintaining and advancing the economic fabric of the region and country we work in, in addition to maintaining a high product quality level and reducing transport emissions.

The people

We are people who work with commitment and dedication every day: on our products and services, and on maintaining a healthy and respectful work environment. We pay particular attention to wellbeing in our working environment, through programmes dedicated to ensuring a good work/life balance, improving internal communication and developing team spirit.

Our commitment also extends to the young students in the province of Vicenza: by participating in dual-education programmes, which alternate school with work, and focusing on placing young people in work after they have qualified, we give them the opportunity to grow and find their way in the working world.

Partnership relationships with local non-profit organisations

In 2017, together with other companies from Vicenza, and local non-profit organisations, we took part in a training workshop financed by the Veneto Region through the European Social Fund entitled (English translation) “Enterprises and the region: innovative models of social and regional development” within the framework of “Responsabilmente – Promuovere l’innovazione sociale e trasmettere l’etica” (responsibly – promoting social innovation and transmitting ethics), the Veneto Region’s call for proposals that finances projects for the adoption of CSR models. The workshop’s goal was to collectively design projects addressing emerging regional needs, and its first product was the creation of a summer boot camp for 11- to 19-year-olds, where they could learn about the opportunities offered by the economic fabric in the Alto Vicentino region. The camp gave them the chance to get involved by developing their skills and competences.

Because of our participation in the projects arising from the Veneto Region’s call for proposals, we were among the companies into which the Universities of Padua, Verona and Venice conducted their research. This research project recorded the CSR practices in the Veneto companies aimed at spreading best practices. The results of the project were presented at the Strategy Innovation Forum 2018 held at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. To find out more click here