Our laboratories: tests, checks and inspections

Photometric tests

In the photometric laboratory, we use goniophotometers to measure the luminous intensity distribution of each lighting fixture, determining the photometric curves, luminous fluxes emitted and luminous efficacy. We analyse the LED using a spectroradiometer, checking the characteristics of the emitted light: colour rendering index (CRI), correlated colour temperature (CCT) and chromaticity coordinates.

Mechanical and thermal testing

We thoroughly test the fixtures’ resistance to both mechanical and thermal stress.

  • Thermal testing

    We test the heat dissipation capacity of the fixtures’ materials and structural components to ensure the LED source’s durability and the power supply’s full and continuous functionality.

  • Environmental chamber

    We subject the fixtures to time cycles at high and low temperatures to generate mechanical stress, accelerate product ageing and verify their ability to function under extreme climatic conditions.

  • Resistance to external mechanical impact

    We test the fixtures’ robustness by subjecting them to IK impact tests.

  • Drive-over capability

    The lighting fixtures’ ability to withstand traffic loads is tested in our laboratory using three endurance tests: static load, torque and creep.

IP rating

We have a dedicated laboratory where we test the level of protection of our fixtures against the ingress of liquids.

  • IPX3 / IPX4 tests

    An oscillating tube allows us to test the fixtures’ resistance to rain from above (IPX3) and to 360° water spray (IPX4).

  • IPX5 / IPX6 tests

    We subject the lighting fixtures to two tests with water jets from a distance of 2.5 to 3 metres. The first tests the resistance to a water jet with a flow rate of 12.5 l/min, the second, the resistance to a higher power water jet with a flow rate of 100 l/min.

  • IPX7 / IPX8 tests

    We test the ability of our outdoor lighting fixtures to withstand temporary immersion by submerging them for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre (IPX7).
    Our underwater fixtures for swimming pools undergo IPX8 testing, which tests the ability to withstand continuous immersion in water.