Aix-en-Provence, France

Project by / Corinne Vezzoni & Associés
Light planning by / 8’18’’

Featured products /
Siri 3.0, 3000K, 30°, white
Lira 1.0, 3000K, anthracite
Neva 1.0, 3000K, 13W, 45°, 316 mm
Pivot 1.6, 3000K, 25°, customized white finish
Plin 2.1, 3000K, anthracite

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A line of adjustable, recessed downlights whose optical unit can be rotated through 350° around its vertical axis and tilted up to 70°, so that the light beam can be directed with great precision.

Thanks to its particularly reduced height, Ciak lends itself to installation in shallow shelves such as those in shop windows and display cabinets, taking into account the volumes necessary for efficient heat transfer.

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