Light+Building 2024

As we walk through the city streets, we find ourselves in the middle of a dialogue – a dialogue between architecture, lighting and nature. This conversation is constantly evolving, and it is by listening to it that we devise and develop our outdoor lighting solutions. From 3 to 8 March,at Light + Building, we’re inviting you to meet us in an open space, a "piazza", bordered by architectural backdrops and infiltrations of urban greenery, lit with full respect for visual hierarchies, biodiversity and the starry night sky.

Make space in your diary for a walk with us, between light and darkness, between nature and architecture.

We look forward to seeing you here:
Hall 5.1 / Stand C20

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Our range of outdoor projectors has been enhanced by a projector with a square design and wide selection of optics for limitless lighting creations.




Our paths are shaped by the choices we make along the way. They can change as we go, following different courses, sometimes moving in a straight line, at other times meandering. They can branch off in multiple directions and lead us towards new horizons.

We are accompanied in our continuous quest for innovation by the new Goccia family, an outdoor step light whose design, materials and light output have been completely revamped. It will light your way even along the most creative paths.

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