Photo by Tomasz Majewski


Komorebi and the emotional potential of an optical accessory

We asked creative people, photographers and video producers to take inspiration from the light projections created by the Ginko 3.0 projector fitted with a shadow-effect filter. The result was a photo feature of imaginative tales of light and shade, #komorebilandl

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Light planning by Lorella Marconi and Cinzia Todeschini 
Design by Lucearchitettura
Historical consultation by Ing. Luigi Antolini
Photo by Daniele Cortese


Illuminating rediscovery of the hypogeum

Hypogeum of Santa Maria in Stelle, Verona, Italy

In 2020, after many years of restoration work on the archaeological site, a new lighting concept was designed by lighting designers Cinzia Todeschini e Lorella Marconi. Visitors to the hypogeum are taken on an experiential journey in which lights, activated by the guide with an app, illuminate one scenario at a time, magically revealing the story.

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