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Private residence,
Brescia, Italy

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Beam 2.6, 3000K, 2W, single beam, stainless steel
Geko 5.1, 3000K, 10W, 30°, grey
Lyss 1.0, 3000K, 5W / 9W, clear 10°x180°, grey
Pivot 1.7, 3000K, 5W, 11°, anodized grey
Spot 2.6 316L, 3000K, 6W, 24°

Bright 2.5, 3000K, 7W, 11°, micro-blasted stainless steel
Esem 3.1, 3000K, 8W, 20°, white
Esem 4.2, 3000K, 14W, 24°, white
Kora 3.0, 3000K, 21W, 38°, white
Line 1.0, 3000K, 2W, satin
Quad Maxi 1.1, 3000K, 8W, 29°

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New family of IP67 lighting fixtures with built-in 230Vac power supply. Four sizes available with 3000K or 4000K white light, each with a choice of three optics. 

The heat-dissipating body made of thermally conductive technopolymer guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion even in harsh (saline) environments. Quick installation thanks to the possibility of connecting the electrical cables directly to the fixture.

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