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The garden of a private residence,
Cuneo, Italy

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Stra 1.0, 3000K, 37W, 37°
Bright 2.4, 3000K, 7W, 47°, stainless steel
Bright 1.6, 3000K, 2W, diffuse optics

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Family of indoor projectors available in four sizes created for the architectural lighting of archways, aisles and large spaces.

Duomo's adjustable bracket means the fixture can be cantilevered from cornices or other architectural elements. What’s more, the bracket can slide along the entire length of the head, allowing the projector to be angled in tight spaces.

Combined with glass serigraphed in the same shade, the new antique white finish allows the projector to merge with its surroundings in historic buildings and places of worship.

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