Project by / arch. Carmela Palmieri, studio CASa Associati
Photo by / Fabio Di Carlo


The former Convent of San Panfilo is brought to light

Restoration work on the complex, entrusted to architect Carmela Palmieri of CASaAssociati, has restored the building to its former glory, making it suitable for tourism activities while respecting the existing architecture. In line with the intentions of the architectural design, the lighting design, involving the cloister, the cellars and the building's exterior, integrates into and emphasises the architectural and artistic heritage of this former monastery.

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Create the colour, create the mood

This new line of outdoor downlights combines compactness with visual comfort, aesthetic versatility and an abundance of atmospheric light colours.

In addition to white light and RGBW mixing, Altopiano offers Dim to Warm technology, which lets you adjust the light intensity/colour temperature and adapt the light output to suit the atmosphere you want to create. You can make living spaces more welcoming and relaxing by gradually reducing the luminous flux and obtaining an increasingly warm light.

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