Private residence,
Milan, Italy

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Trevi 1.0, 3000K, 40°
Trevi 1.1, 3000K, diffuse optics
Ella IN 3.0, 3000K, 19W, white
Beam 1.0, RGB, 3W, 26°, stainless steel
Esem Mid 1.0, 3000K, 3W, 22°, white, customized version IP44
Simply 1.0, 3000K, 1W, pearl chrome

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Framed in light

Outdoor projectors

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Cascina Ranverso

Buttigliera Alta, Turin, Italy
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The Coeclerici Gallery - Galata Maritime Museum

Genoa, Italy
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L&L takes on teaching duties

When art meets technology: a day's training in L&L for students from the Verona Academy of Fine Arts.

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