Berica OUT - Outdoor wall mounted


The Berica range of double-beam wall-mounted fixturesoutdoor versions are now available (IP65).

Berica OUT is suitable for private homes and the hospitality sector, combining a minimalist design with the practicality of a built-in power supply.


Unique selling points

  • Berica OUT is available in three sizes and three different types of cover:
    convexconcave and flat, with white, anthracite and cor-ten finishes. In the version with a primer coating, the fixture can be finished in the same paint as the wall it’s mounted on

  • Asymmetrical optics allow the light output to reach the ground on outdoor walkways and transit areas

  • In the 360-mm and 640-mm-long versions, Berica OUT is also available with light control via the DALI protocol

  • Berica OUT is available in a version with 2200K warm white light

  • Berica OUT uses light sources with CRI 80, or with a high colour rendering index of CRI >90

Berica OUT 3.1, 2200K, diffuse, cor-ten

Technical data

Berica OUT 1.1, 3000K, 42°x102°, version painted with primer

Power consumption
Berica OUT 1.02.0 / 3.0: 15W
Berica OUT 1.12.1 / 3.1: 30W
Berica OUT 1.2 / 2.23.2: 56W
Power supply
LED colour
2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
42°x102°, 62°x100°, asymmetrical, diffuse
Ingress protection
Impact resistance

Lumen output at source
Berica OUT 1.02.0 / 3.0: 1814 lm (3000K, CRI 80)
Berica OUT 1.12.1 / 3.1: 3626 lm (3000K, CRI 80)
Berica OUT 1.2 / 2.23.27252 lm (3000K, CRI 80)

Delivered lumen output

Berica OUT 1.0: 1444 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)
Berica OUT 1.1: 2888 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)
Berica OUT 1.25776 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)

Berica OUT 2.01490 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)
Berica OUT 2.12980 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)
Berica OUT 2.25960 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)

Berica OUT 3.01530 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)
Berica OUT 3.1: 3060 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)
Berica OUT 3.2: 6120 lm (3000K, diffuse, CRI 80)

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