Marfisi Carni

LocationTreglio, Chieti, Italy
ProjectStudio Antonucci X Crognale Archquadro Associati
PhotoFabio Di Carlo

Marfisi Carni’s beef processing plant, situated in the Treglio industrial zone, in the province of Chieti, is a family business that has been transformed and developed over the course of several successive generations. The company’s historical headquarters – including the management offices, production facility and company store – have recently been modernized in response to its changing needs.

The project, the work of Antonucci X Crognale Archquadro Associati, has incorporated all the pre-existing buildings into a single structure that’s consistent with the company’s updated identity. A fluid, sinuous curtain wall wraps all around the buildings to create a distinctive facade with a design that recalls drifts of autumn leaves.

On the upper side of the cladding, Neva 1 linear profiles in two different lengths, 916 mm and 616 mm, have been fixed internally using brackets. The lighting fixtures have 10°x40° elliptical optics that direct the light downward to create a lighting effect that fills the facade’s perforated pattern, gradually fading as it descends. As the architectural firm explains, when describing the project on its website, the light that pervades the perforated curtain wall itself “becomes architectural material”.

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