Plastic Stratosfera

LocationRobbiate, Lecco, Italy
Projectarch. Patrik Spreafico

In 2018, the headquarters of Plastic Stratosfera – a company that specialises in speciality media for the graphics and paper industries – were renovated under the direction of architect Patrik Spreafico. The renovations included work on the external facade and the square in front of it.

The facade was clad in dark grey, rippling metal panels that contrast with the orange shade used for its central band. In between the panels, Updown 3.6 single-beam outdoor wall-mounted fixtures were installed. The architect chose 15° narrow optics for these 3000K white-light fixtures and an anodized aluminium finish, so that they blend in with the cladding. The regularly spaced vertical light beams produced by the fixtures in the gaps between the panels add a graphic touch to the wall.

The square in front of the building was renovated to create an internal car park and an access corridor to the offices. To light the path that leads to the building's entrance, Lira 1.0, 6W, with 3000K white light, were chosen with an anthracite finish and asymmetrical optics. In the parking area in front of the building, Rondò 1.2 drive-over recessed fixtures, with an anthracite finish and radial optics, indicate the available parking spaces.

Access to the building is separated from the car park by a masonry wall decorated with the company's logo and lit on both sides with Rio 1 linear profiles recessed into the ground. These fixtures, chosen with diffuse optics and a 2800K warm light, highlight the access corridor to the company and create a perspective view that leads the eye to the entrance of the building.

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