Crédit Agricole Green Life – Arboretum Park

LocationParma, Italy
ProjectAG&P greenscape
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

The Arboretum Park is a green oasis in Crédit Agricole Green Life, the renovated headquarters of the Crédit Agricole Italia banking group in Parma. This project is the fruit of the credit institute’s innovative rethink of the workplace, redeveloped as a sustainable space for both the environment and the people who work there, with buildings designed to achieve maximum energy savings, and a large park covering more than seven hectares.

Within the Crédit Agricole Green Life project, the Arboretum represents a novel interpretation of the group’s relationship with nature as a fundamental component of company welfare. The huge green space that surrounds the administrative buildings is divided into different areas such as the Flower Garden, the Green Amphitheatre, the Poplar Alley, the vast Arboretum and the central square, designed to serve both as the entranceway to the park itself and as a meeting place for employees.

AG&P greenscape was responsible for designing the green space and chose Stra 1.0 fixtures to light the trees planted on the grassy steps of the Green Theatre, a site in the centre of the park created as a setting for a variety of corporate activities. The fixtures, with 37° optics and honeycomb louvre as protection against glare, are recessed at the feet of the maple trees, lighting their foliage with a play of light and shadow that weaves its magic spell around the space as dusk falls. The designers chose these luminaires with the park's future development in mind: Stra's 37W of power will allow its output to still reach the trees’ tallest branches when they are fully grown.    

Arboretum Park won first prize in CITY_BRAND&TOURISM LANDSCAPE 2019 in the Brand Landscape category, made up of the projects that best express the relationship between companies and the landscape. This award is promoted by the Italian National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists together with PAYSAGE, an international architecture and landscape magazine.


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