Samling Library

LocationSand, Norway
ProjectHelen & Hard Architects
Light planningSML Lighting
Executed byMinel Elmontasje Elverum
PhotoDag Sandven

The innovative, multifunctional Samling community space, designed by Helen & Hard Architects, includes a library, new offices for the Odal Sparebank savings bank and around ten apartments, all combined in a compact, unique and geometrically intriguing spatial composition.

The iconic round structure, with its undulating overhangs, is prominently positioned at the beginning of the town’s main street. It radiates from an open, interconnected oval atrium, expanding the sense of space beyond the structure itself. In the centre of the building, a light well connects the ground and first floors. The library, the heart of the new Samling centre, is impressively spacious while maintaining a welcoming, human-scale ambience. Its generous height is divided into two levels connected by a staircase.

The lighting design was created by SML Lighting and implemented using L&L Luce&Light fixtures. It perfectly meets the client’s requirements for flexible, adaptable lighting able to illuminate such a large space while also maintaining the library’s functionality and the well-being of its users.

On the upper floor, Wall 8.0 (max 2W), 6000K, with 25° optics and an elegant satin finish, are positioned on the desks abutting the glass balustrade, where they precisely light the desktops.

The entire library area is equipped with atmospheric effect lighting, used to mark special anniversaries, receptions or festive events. This is supplied by Neva Mini 7(15W) and Neva 7.2 (75W) linear profiles for architectural lighting, installed at the top of the walls, near the ceiling. Both versions have narrow 18° optics, adjustable supporting brackets with graduations and RGBW LED light sources, so that different lighting scenes can be created in a variety of colours. These are also visible externally, through the large glass windows.

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