darc night 2017

Light planningMaurice Brill Lighting Design

Light Up Your Brain

"London. A loud city. A city of lights, flavours and speed. A city for the restless, always overexposed to extreme stimuli, always in search of the rush and the excitement. Here, we feel creative and inspired.

Our feelings shift so fast under the spell of the city, but do we ever take time to digest them? Are we aware of the immense beauty that occurs within our brains? And could we somehow express this beauty in such a way that it, itself, becomes a source of amazement?

We wondered what emotions look like and became curious of what happens in the brain when one is laughing, crying or meditating; when one feels stressed, amazed, disgusted or deeply calm.

Through our installation, we aspired to show the reaction of a stimulated brain, where Light was our words and Color, our rhymes. Through a study of colors, intensity and rhythm of the light, we interpreted what happens in our brain when stimulated by external situations.

Each of us was able to visualize a ‘map’ of the feeling, outlined with light, within a safe, dome-shaped shelter.

The structural nodes and lines of the dome were our support to create with light an interpretation of the neuronal network inside the brain. The L&L lighting scheme was controlled by DMX and connected to an interface used by each guest to manipulate the aspect of the dome. The control system provides for the use of 42 independent RGB groups and 120 steps per scene. Each step lasts 0.5 seconds."


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