Multipurpose structure

LocationVal di Sole, Trento, Italy
ApplicationPaths and steps
Projectarch. Gianluca Valorz
PhotoElisa Fedrizzi

The project for this multipurpose structure is part of a larger programme promoted by the Municipality of Pellizzano (Trentino) and aimed at redeveloping the municipality’s playground with the addition of two new playing fields.

According to the architect Gianluca Valorz, who oversaw the project, “The multipurpose structure is the result of an architectural choice to use contemporary forms whose linearity, coupled with the use of simple and recognisable shapes, has allowed the building to blend subtly into its surroundings, without altering the splendid view of the valley floor.”

Wood is the principle material employed in the structure, and Bright 1.1 downlights with a square trim and 3000K white light and 40° optics have been recessed into the wooden roof to light the pathway that surrounds the building and provides access to the playing fields. 

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