SENSNES, discovering light through the senses

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We have returned from Milan Design Week 2023 with a two-fold experience, both parts rich with encounters and memories: one, SENSNES, our installation within Fuorisalone, the other, our participation as exhibitors at Euroluce – Salone del Mobile.

Relive the events of last week with us as we scroll through a small selection of photos together.

SENSNES, Fuorisalone

In the temporary space set up in the Brera quarter, the architectural and lighting design studio lucearchitettura devised a multi-sensory immersive trail in which light was used to reverse the point of view. Visitors were encouraged to actively observe the space using all their senses.

The experience started outside the installation, where the RGBW light from Colorado and Tago profiles could already be seen. Alternating lighting scenes in complementary colours washed over the high walls of the interior space. These were designed to represent building facades in a reference to our experience as manufacturers of outdoor lighting fixtures.

When visitors entered the space and looked up, they found a garden hanging above their heads, while the clouds were beneath their feet in this reversed perspective. SENSNES, the abstract, palindromic name given to the installation, spoke to the desire to subvert reality and give visitors a unique experience.

Forest sounds and birdsong, combined with the scent of eucalyptus, completed the immersive effect. Climbing the stairs and lingering on the first-floor balcony, visitors could enjoy a different view, a close-up of the Plin installed upside down between the plants.

Next, passing through a curtain revealed a passageway to another space, where a video projection was synchronized with a play of light, produced by Goccia lighting fixtures, to immerse visitors in the elemental sights and sounds of “water”, with lightning, thunderstorms and downpours.

When the visitors stepped outside the darkened room, they once again found themselves in an upside-down world, with greenery above their heads and the sky at their feet. Mirroring the first room, it served to remind them of “the importance of never ceasing to dream”, as the lighting designers at lucearchitettura said.

Euroluce, Salone del Mobile 2023

Our stand at Euroluce took the form of a black monolith perforated by a hexagonal pattern filled with colour from the RGBW and Tunable White light of Colorado profiles.

This view of the colour scenes was the start of a circular route leading to the core of the stand, in a transition from installed lighting to an opportunity to handle the lighting fixtures on display and to touch the materials, finishes and optics.

Euroluce 2023

Along the circular route, visitors were introduced to the new products of 2023 and were able to explore the technical features of recently released fixtures such as Quilatero, Altopiano and Colorado.

The stand at Euroluce established a long-distance dialogue with SENSNES through multiple visual references. Firstly, the use of coloured lighting scenes generated by linear profiles, to draw people in from the street to the Fuorisalone installation, and from the exterior of the Euroluce stand to the interior. Next, the recurrence of hexagonal shapes in both the facade of the monolith at Euroluce and the Fuorisalone sky-floor. Finally, the vertical garden with Plin bollards on the stand, explicitly evoking the garden suspended above visitors’ heads in SENSNES.

Photos: Alessio Tamborini



And now over to you, and your view of Euroluce and Fuorisalone through a round-up of the photos you posted on social media.

Thank you for sharing the emotion of light with us.