Pazo A Toxeiriña

LocationMoraña, Pontevedra, Spain
Light planningInelga

Pazo A Toxeiriña is an estate in the district of Moraña, in Galicia (Spain). It was built in 1901 for Colonel Francisco Iglesias Brage, a Spanish aviation hero, who used it as his private residence for many years.

The various sections that make up the building complex are arranged in a Z-shape, surrounded by extensive gardens. Inside there are large rooms for functions and private events, a chapel, and a museum dedicated to Colonel Brage.

Recent restructuring work has revitalised the building both architecturally and in terms of lighting design, particularly in the outdoor areas.

Outdoor linear profiles River 1.0 e River 2.0 have been recessed into the building’s perimeter. With 11° optics, they bathe the walls in a warm, 3000K light, enhancing the texture of the stone. Other linear profiles, Neva 1.0, are installed on the exterior cornice.

The outodoor projectors provide accent lighting for the bell that tops the building. Their asymmetrical snoots mean the projectors’ beams can be precisely focused and glare eliminated.

The garden at the rear features trees with trunks that are intriguingly irregular and, in some cases, hollow - these are picked out with outdoor recessed spotlights Litus 2.4. These lighting fixtures have 34° optics, a colour temperature of 3000K, and a screen with no visible screws.

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