LocationAlmere Haven, The Netherlands
ApplicationPaths and steps
Light planningC.Light.Wise
Delivered byIndustrielicht BV
PhotoJaap Lotstra

The district of Almere in which the harbour is located has undergone an urban redevelopment that also involved improvements to the lighting. The aim of the new lighting design, the work of C.Light.Wise, is safe illumination that also respects natural darkness and can guide pedestrians intuitively through the harbour area and the residential and commercial areas.

The new concept called for light poles, in a reference to the boat masts of the nautical world, specially constructed to house Spot 4.4 projectors and provide functional lighting for the streets and pavements, and the wider areas. To achieve this, the fixtures installed use a 3000K LED colour and different optics: 42°x85° / 20° / 45° / 61°. To meet the requirements of C.Light.Wise's design, each projector was fitted with a special diffuser ring that softens the edges of the light output and, as the lighting design studio puts it, “makes the light almost tangible”.

The use of pole-mounted projectors means the fixtures can be directed only where their light is needed – on the waterfront and along the canals. This avoids the light hitting the water surface directly. In the residential and commercial areas, they have been directed so that they provide visibility on the pathways and surrounding areas, without glare. A dimmable version of the Spot 4.4 projectors was used so that different lighting scenes can be programmed according to the lighting requirements.

The fixtures’ body, in Anticorodal® aluminium, is corrosion resistant, making it ideal for marine and harbour settings. For this project, the Spot 4.4 projectors were painted in the custom finish RAL 9006, White aluminium.

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