National Archaeological Museum gardens

LocationAthens, Greece
Light planningNeaPolis Lighting
Landscape designEcoscapes Landscape Architecture
PhotoAnastasia Siomou

The garden at the front of one of the most visited museums in the Greek capital – and in the world – is full of plants that figure in Greek mythology. It is divided into three sections: botanical walks, the “Arcadian landscape” and a small artificial hill crowned by a 1,300-year-old olive tree. The lighting design studio NeaPolis has lit the latter’s foliage with three Stra 4.0 recessed uplights that can be adjusted by remote control.

Scattered among the 6,000 and more native herbs, shrubs and trees such as thyme, oregano, cypresses, myrtles and pomegranates, almond trees, olive trees and vines, Bright fixtures are recessed into the ground to light trunks or leaves.

The road leading to the entrance of the imposing neoclassical building is marked out with drive-over Rondò step lights with radial optics and a central tamper-resistant screw.

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