Paglieta historic centre

LocationChieti, Italy
ApplicationPaths and steps
Projectarch. Marco Maria Aruffo

Work in the historic centre of the town of Paglieta in Abruzzo saw the replacement of the old road surface in Corso Vittorio Emanuele with cobbled paving made of sanpietrini stones and the creation of two pedestrian pavements on either side of the roadway.

Rondò 1.2 double-beam fixtures with a cor-ten finish are set into the pavement. Designed specifically for this project, they have two different outputs, one 10° and one radial – the former directed at the roadway and the latter at the centre of the pavement. Rondò is well suited to use in urban environments thanks to its drive-over rating of 5000 kg.

The layout of the lighting fixtures on the pavement helps to create a perspective view that guides visitors along the main street of Paglieta.

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