Freedom Square

LocationPanevėžys, Lithuania
ApplicationPaths and steps
Light planningKorgas
PhotoAndrius Laucius

Freedom Square in Panevėžys, Lithuania, is the city’s most important square, hosting municipal activities, large-scale events and local get-togethers. It was recently redeveloped to increase the benefits it offers inhabitants, and to make it available and inviting for everyone. The attractiveness of its existing large open spaces, ancient trees and footpath was significantly improved without drastically altering what it already had to offer.

This was done by leaving the historic functional layout unchanged while enriching it with modern design elements and a selection of natural materials and lighting effects. An example of this is the flagstones in the north, where Rio 1 linear profiles, 2800K, 12W/m, of different lengths are recessed into the paving, adding character and creating continuous lines of light, with no breaks between the fixtures to interrupt their luminosity.

The central part of the square was divided into smaller islands, each with a specific function: a children’s playground, and areas with benches that offer a calmer, more intimate retreat. The event space was levelled to remove all unnecessary steps, while the supporting walls were converted into an elegant staircase that opens up an iconic vista from Panevėžys’ historic theatre through to Senvagė park. Cor-ten steel constructions highlight the curves of the benches, which seem to grow out of the greenery. In the centre of the elongated square, a circle filled with little water jets breaks up the horizontal surface. Footpaths and cycle paths mark the boundaries of the park with the ground outside.

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