The maritime station in Genoa

LocationGenoa, Italy
ApplicationFacades, Fountains and swimming pools
Light planningStudio Luce, Gruppo Sacchi
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

Genoa’s maritime station, next to Ponte dei Mille, dates back to the 1930s and is made up of three buildings characterised by a portico on the ground floor punctuated by white stone pilasters and columns.

The lighting design by Studio Luce Sacchi involved the courtyard’s three sides and the large fountain in the central flowerbed, from which a huge ship's propeller rises, transformed into a sculptural reminder of the setting's nautical purpose.

To light the building's facades, special Stra 3.0 fixtures were selected with a larger trim diameter than on the standard version in order to adapt them to the pre-existing cutout holes. The need to illuminate the facades and use the light to accentuate their beauty led to the choice of a fixture with two adjustable optical groups – with 14° and 30° optics – directed toward each pilaster.

With an AISI 316L stainless steel trim treated to prevent corrosion and 15-mm-thick tempered extra-clear glass, the chosen Stra 3.0 guarantees impact resistance and is drive-over up to 5000 kg, perfect for areas with a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. All the fixtures also have anti-vandal screws, making them perfectly suited to an urban setting.

The lighting design was completed with the supply of RGBW fixtures for the central fountain. For the two circular basins, Moby P projectors were selected with a glass cover and an AISI 316L stainless steel bracket with graduations so that the light emission could be precisely positioned.

The Moby P family of projectors is remarkable for the robustness of its materials: the 12-mm-thick glass screen ensures maximum impact, scratch and corrosion resistance, while the body, made of thermally conductive technopolymer, has been designed to dissipate heat very effectively and to protect the projector from any corrosive substances present in the water.

Moby P 1.1 fixtures, with 31°x64° elliptical optics, were installed along the edge of the lower basin, while Moby P 2.1 were chosen for the upper basin. Their 62° optics are directed at the propeller, creating splashes of coloured reflections that define the fountain. A touch panel allows different shades of light to be selected for the two basins to create ever-changing scenic effects.

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