"Me.Here.Now", Artwork by Mark Titchner, London Bridge Station

ApplicationPaths and steps
Light planningWSP
PhotoRon Bambridge Photographer

L&L Luce&Light has provided the lighting for a public artwork installed at London Bridge station, London, in Stainer Street. The work, Me. Here. Now., by the artist Mark Titchner, was commissioned by Network Rail, a British railway network company, and curated by Futurecity. The work comprises three polished stainless steel domes, measuring from 4.5 to 6.5 metres in diameter, suspended and supported by steel ropes attached to the ceiling girders of the new pedestrian walkway that connects the London districts of Bermondsey and Bankside.

The London artist’s concept associates the experience of travel and commuting with spiritual growth and a quiet moment of self-reflection. Each dome contains a brief text among the geometric designs, a mantra offered to the passers-by in their temporary isolation from the hubbub of everyday life. The words are intended to enrich their spirituality and instil a feeling of self-confidence: “Only the first step is difficult”, “The distance means nothing”, “One foot in front of the other”.

The lighting project, overseen by the lighting designer studio WSP, called for outdoor projectors. Thanks to its special 19° optics, the direct light it casts on the three huge metal domes emphasises the latter’s reflective shapes and enhances their decorative elements in a play of light and shade, and of geometric reflections mirrored on the ceiling.

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