Gymnasium Tolkewitz

LocationDresden, Germany
ProjectARGE DD-TOL - AB Raum und Bau GmbH, AB Fuchs und Rudolph, AGZ Zimmermann Arch. GmbH
PhotoRobert Gommlich

Gymnasium Tolkewitz is a school complex that has recently been completed in Dresden. The project is the work of an architectural collective called ARGE DD-TOL, made up of the Architekturbüro Raum und Bau, Fuchs und Rudolph Architekten Stadtplaner, and Architektengemeinschaft Zimmermann architectural practices, and the construction company Stesad GmbH.

This large 11,400 m² educational centre with classrooms, laboratories, open spaces for recreational and sports activities, and relaxation and rest areas, where students meet and experience everyday situations within their community. The architectural project is based on a clear separation of academic functions from extracurricular activities, achieved by distributing the buildings around the site in such a way that the possibilities for resuming or continuing social interactions are maintained.

In addition to making the environment brighter, the new lighting system contributes to wellbeing and comfort in a space used for learning and concentration, creating an optimal atmosphere.

Turis 3.0 (15W) and Turis 7.0 (30W) downlights with diffuse light – 4000K colour temperature, the closest to natural light – and a white finish were used throughout the school building, recessed into the ceilings of the corridors and the undersides of the central staircases, in combination with Cube C 1.3 (6W, 4000K, 18° optics) and Teko 7.0 (17W, 3000K diffuse optics) fixtures.

Contractor: STESAD GmbH

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