L&L Luce&Light headquarters

LocationVicenza, Italy
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

Our new headquarters – more modern and better suited to the company’s current size – are the crowning achievement of a journey that began a couple of years ago. The company’s concern for its employees has been at the forefront throughout the process. The result is welcoming, well-organised work spaces, offices and relaxation areas, and a stimulating, creative environment where people can work in the best possible way, combining wellbeing and productivity. There’s a snack area for shared coffee breaks, an ideal place for colleagues to meet and exchange ideas and opinions. And an inner courtyard has been created in a geometric outdoor space where staff and visitors alike can relax and recharge their batteries. The new headquarters are also intended as a forum for meetings and product tests with customers, using spacious, efficient rooms that encourage fruitful collaborations.

The lighting design plays a key role both indoors and out. In the reception area, it involves the use of Berica IN 3.2 wall-mounted fixtures with diffuse optics and Cameo 2.7 recessed fixtures with 32° optics. The corridors and customer-facing areas are lit by Combina D recessed fixtures. The same fixtures have been used in the snack area – some with a customized shadow-effect filter that breaks up the uniformity of the walls with the dappled effect of light shining through foliage, while others use the honeycomb louvre accessory, to maximise visual comfort and create a more relaxing atmosphere. Connecting the offices to the production area, a long corridor runs the whole length of the open office space. Its large glass windows overlooking the production spaces alternate with Intono 2.1 wall-mounted fixtures, 3000K, with 11° narrow optics. The latter’s white finish blends into the wall, leaving only their light output visible.

The living walls of the inner courtyard are emphasised by the use of Ginko 1.0 projectors, 4000K, 19°, in jasper green; Pivot Mini 1, 3000K, with 15° optics; and diffuse-light Rio 1 linear profiles, 2800K. All around the space, a series of Intono 4.9, 3000K, with 57° optics, and fitted with speakers, enable music and lighting scenes to be played back using quick voice commands. Like fireflies sheltering among the grass blades, Bright Mini 1.0 walk-over recessed fixtures, 5000K, with diffuse optics, appear at dusk, while jasper-green Ginko 1.0 projectors, 3000K, sharp 38° optics, pick out a few tufts of grass and cast their sharp shadows onto the corner of the wall. A jujube tree planted in the centre of the garden is illuminated by Bright 3.G recessed fixtures, 3000K, with 35° tiltable optics that can be adjusted as the tree’s foliage grows.

Another highlight of the new headquarters is the showroom – here the lighting design called for light to define each of the areas with their different functions. Our new Quilatero 2.0 recessed fixture, in the wall washer version, was chosen to illuminate the coloured wall that marks the lounge area where customers are welcomed. The same area also sees the use of Trevi profiles with diffuse light, in a customized suspended version, to light the armchairs, and Kora 3.0 suspended fixtures for direct light on the table. Carefully selected to avoid impinging on the tests, Neva 7.1 profiles, RGBW 26°x58°, and floor-grazing Tago 1.0 profiles illuminate the area used for trying out the lighting effects of various fixtures on walls with different textures. Meanwhile, Zab Track track projectors are used in the meeting area, where chairs are set out for presentations. The entrance to the showroom features a slatted wall in which recessed Rio profiles outline a wave; at its centre is a darkened room where the products’ optics can be tested out. Outside the room, Goccia recessed fixtures, with diffuse light, playfully climb the walls, while, on the opposite side, there are two diffuse-light Berica IN 1.2 wall-mounted fixtures, finished in the same wallpaper as the wall they are on.

Outside, the wall to the left of the entrance is illuminated by Bright 5.H recessed fixtures, 20W, RGBW, 34°, while the driveway features orientation lighting using Bright 1.B fixtures with 1x180° radial optics. The lawn is lit by Plin bollards, in the version with a flat head and 360° light output. Finally, a number of Rio 2.1 linear profiles installed in the building’s side wall alternate with the large windows that mark the open office space.

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