Urban garden

LocationFoggia, Italy
ApplicationPaths and steps, Landscape
ProjectStudio Casolaro Giuseppe e Ottavio
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

This small urban garden with architectural embellishments is located at a junction in a residential area of Foggia. The square features flowerbeds, real trees and bushes – and metal trees designed by Studio Casolaro Giuseppe and Ottavio. These are ornamented with the studio's “trademark” branches made of light profiles, as already documented at the Villa Reale Ricevimenti a few years ago.

The walkway is marked out by recessed Rio profiles with diffuse light. The architectural element at the entrance features a void in the mosaic section, whose circular form is picked out with a Lyss fixture, while the sheet-metal section in cor-ten steel is lit by a Neva linear profile with elliptical optics, Bright 3.G recessed fixtures installed as uplights and Smoothy 1.6 fixtures, as downlights in the entranceways.

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