Church of Maria Santissima del Rosario

LocationFasano, Brindisi, Italy
ApplicationFacades, Churches
Projectarch. Angela Sabatelli
Light planningFOR.EL.
PhotoCosimo Rubino

The earliest historical sources place the construction of this religious building in the first half of the 17th century, when it formed part of the cloistered monastery of San Giuseppe in Fasano. In 2016, the building's facade underwent restoration work carried out by architect Angela Sabatelli. The surface of local tuff stone was cleaned, returning the facade to the original light colour typical of this material.

Sabatelli was also responsible for the lighting design, for which she chose various recessed fixtures from the Bright family and Pivot outdoor projectors.

The portal is lit by two Bright 1.0 uplights (max 2W) with 20° optics and honeycomb louvres. This accessory was specially chosen to eliminate any glare for the people entering the church nave through this doorway.

For the facade, Bright 3.F was chosen with 21° optics and 3000K white light, similar to the other Bright fixtures used, but with a more powerful 10W, which pushes the light up to the structure’s upper architrave highlighting the porous surface of the local pale stone.

The lighting is completed by Pivot 1.7 projectors with 34° optics positioned on the architrave above the portal. These compact fixtures with minimal design blend discreetly with the facade to leave as sole protagonist a light emission that creates shadows and chiaroscuro, underlining the simple architectural elements of this ancient church.

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