History Museum

LocationGraz, Austria
ApplicationMuseums and exhibitions
ProjectINNOCAD Architecture
Light planningGOL Lighting Design - Guardian Of Light
PhotoPaul Ott Photografiert

The Graz History Museum in Palais Herberstein was refurbished by INNOCAD Architecture in 2017. The museum’s interior spaces were redesigned so that its cultural and historical collection and its collection of audiovisual and multimedia material could be housed under the same roof.

The setting for the collection of multimedia material features casings with perforated metal grids, some of which can be rotated to reveal the objects on display.

GOL Lighting Design – Guardian Of Light was responsible for the lighting and used Siri Track 2.0 projectors installed on the ceiling using a special track and recessed connectors. The fixtures, in a white finish and 3000K colour temperature, contain four power LEDs with a high colour rendering index (CRI >90) suitable for a museum setting, to ensure the brightness of the colours of the objects lit. Siri Track 2.0 also has a set of optical filters so that the light output can be adapted to the items on display in the rooms.

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