Azerbaijan Pavilion - EXPO 2015, Milan, Italy
Project by / Simmetrico

Projectors for outdoor applications


A compact outdoor projector featuring a wide range of optics, including 5° and 8° optics, 15°x47° and 46°x16° elliptical optics, and two sharp optics, which create light beams with pin-sharp edges.

It is available in a total of 7 finishes: white, black anodized, anodized aluminium, anthracite, cor-ten, copper, and the jasper green finish developed specifically for use in landscape design.

  • Pivot

    Version DimensionsPowerPower supplyLED colour
    Pivot 1.1Ø40x75 mmmax 6W (3 power LEDs x 2W)max 500mARGBDetails
    Pivot 1.7Ø40x75 mm3,5W (5° optics), 5W, 7W24Vdc2700K, 3000K, 4000KDetails


    • VersionPivot 1.1
    • DimensionsØ40x75 mm
    • Powermax 6W (3 power LEDs x 2W)
    • Power supplymax 500mA
    • LED colourRGB
    • VersionPivot 1.7
    • DimensionsØ40x75 mm
    • Power3,5W (5° optics), 5W, 7W
    • Power supply24Vdc
    • LED colour2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Unique Selling Points

body made of ANTICORODAL 6082 low-copper-content aluminium alloy for excellent resistance to corrosion, made entirely on a CNC lathe

the silicone rubber gaskets guarantee maximum resistance to UV rays and unchanging mechanical characteristics over time

4-mm-thick transparent extra-clear glass, high transmittance to ensure chromatic uniformity of light and tempered for excellent resistance to knocks and scratches

6-step material protection, and oxidation and corrosion resistance
- Low-copper-content anticorodal aluminium alloy 6082
- Preparation for painting with ALODINE NT-E® coating
- Paints compliant with Qualicoat automotive coating standard
- Epoxy paint
- Polyester paint
- Tested in saline mist (over 1000 hours)

  • Pivot integrates easily into the context thanks to its extremely compact dimensions

  • Body rotatable through 90° on the horizontal axis and 360° on the vertical axis

  • Jasper green finish developed specifically for use in landscape design

  • Wide range of optics including very narrow 5°, narrow 8° and elliptical optics. Sharp optics are also available, to create light beams with pin-sharp edges

  • Protection systems

    IPS Intelligent Protection System

  • Suitable for outdoor installations

  • RAL finish on request