Private residence

LocationBrindisi, Italy
ApplicationFacades, Landscape
Projectarch. Angela Sabatelli
Light planningarch. Angela Sabatelli / FOR.EL.
PhotoAdriano Nicoletti

An old tuff building from the end of the 19th century, immersed in the Apulian countryside among centuries-old olive groves and dry-stone walls, has been revived as a private holiday residence after careful restoration by the architect Angela Sabatelli.

The pre-existing structure consisted of two main spaces: the central space served as a shelter for farmers and shepherds; the second, lower, one housed livestock. The renovation project saw the construction of a new building adjoining the existing structure to contain a new living area, overlooking the garden and the swimming pool. The finished building fits naturally into Puglia’s rural landscape thanks to the use of traditional local materials and a respect for the setting.

The lighting design for the outdoor areas has followed the same philosophy of minimalism and respect for the countryside in which the residence is immersed.

Bright 3.F recessed uplights with 21° optics outline the building's tuff structure and highlight the porosity of the material. The same result is obtained with the Bright 1.0 uplights on the rock wall in front of the pool. The building’s external lighting is completed by the rigorously minimalist wall lights placed next to the entrances to the residence: Geko 5.0 with diffuse optics and Cube W 1.0  with 18° optics, the former parallelepipeds and the latter cubes, in a white finish like the walls.
The trunks and foliage of the ancient olive trees adjacent to the house are illuminated by Spot 2.4 with 34° optics, while the lower vegetation is accentuated by Spot 1.0 with 40° optics. A simple gravel driveway leads to the residence; here, Rondò 1.1 drive-over step lights with radial output have been chosen to mark out the route.

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