Wind house

LocationIzabelin, Warsaw, Poland
ProjectPrzemek Olczyk, Mobius Architekci
PhotoPaweł Ulatowski

Standing deep in the Kampinos Forest, west of Warsaw, this villa has a unique footprint, entirely shaped by nature. The structure was conceived by Przemek Olczyk, from the Mobius Architekci practice of Warsaw and Krakow, and was developed with full respect for its surroundings. As the architect explains, the design concept came about by marking the wooded areas to be preserved on the plan and carving out the living space between the forest’s tall conifers.

This connection with nature is also reflected in the choice of building materials: strips of dark Siberian larch cover the facades, paired with the natural grey stone used to clad the garage area. The dialogue with its surroundings is further emphasised by the large windows that break up the wall surface to offer views of the forest.

The entrance to the villa is marked by Rondò 3.2 drive-over recessed fixtures, finished in anthracite to blend with the building’s external surfaces.

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