Holmestrand Railway Station

LocationHolmestrand, Norway
ApplicationPaths and steps
Light planningRambøll Norge AS
Delivered bySML Lighting AS
Executed byAnleggselektro AS
ArchitectureGottlieb Paludan Architects

The coastal city of Holmestrand, Norway, recently gained a new railway station. Built inside a mountain, it serves as a junction for both local and high-speed trains with the aim of modernising rail traffic along the west coast of Oslofjord. Rambøll Norge AS, a consultancy firm in construction, architecture, transport and urban development, designed the site with two new entrances to the structure. One of these is in the south, in the centre of Holmestand, and the other is in the north, with a passenger terminal, rest area, bus station with associated services, and a car park with space for 200 cars.

The architecture of the two entrances was the work of Gottlieb Paludan Architects, who set the grey concrete structures in the mountainside with inclined planes that form sharp angles to each other.

The lighting design, by Rambøll Norge AS, specified the installation of Rio 2 linear profiles recessed into the structure: a striking solution that underlines the entrances’ contemporary design while also satisfying the need to light the area for the passengers entering and leaving the station. The Rio profile assures continuity of light between fixtures installed end to end, something that was fundamental to the aesthetics of this project. The device has also been tested to guarantee its robustness and unaltered lighting quality down to a temperature of -20°, making it suitable for the Norwegian climate.

Holmestrand station was nominated for the Nordic Lighting Design Award 2018 for its lighting concept: the jury emphasised that “the complete lighting solution enhances the sense of space and supports the architectural approaches”.

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