The “Fontana del Canale”

LocationCampobello di Licata, Agrigento, Italy
ApplicationFountains and swimming pools
Light planningCity Green Light, ing. Patrizia Maesano

This fountain has stood here for about 370 years, and it was the focal point of rural life in the area where Campobello now stands. Over the centuries, it has served as an early morning stop for workers on their way to the fields, a washhouse, a spring to stock up on water and a trough where livestock were brought to quench their thirst.

It’s no surprise, then, that at the start of 2021 the local authority celebrated the restoration of this much-loved symbol of Campobello di Licata. The refurbishment included the installation of LED lighting fixtures by City Green Light, the public lighting systems operator.

Particularly noteworthy features of the new lighting design are the Trevi diffuse-light underwater linear profiles along the bottom of the long trough, the small, 2W Bright 1.6 recessed fixtures spaced along its external edge, and the stainless steel Spot projectors that provide accent lighting on the sculptural details in the niches and on the fountain’s tympanum. The stone used for the fountain has yellow tones that are intensified by the light, warming the latter’s 3000K colour temperature even further.

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