The garden of a private residence

LocationCuneo, Italy
ApplicationPaths and steps, Landscape
Light planningStudio Luce Bi Esse

The large garden surrounding this house in Cuneo, Piedmont, was the subject of a lighting project that aims to show its magnificent trees in their best light.

The lower part of the hornbeam next to the swimming pool is lit with four Stra 1.0 recessed fixtures with 37° optics and light sources with a high colour rendering index to enhance the green tones of the leaves. In the middle of the garden, the same fixtures have been recessed into the ground at the feet of two tall-trunked sweet gum trees and an oak tree. In this case, the trees’ less dense foliage and the 37W power of the Stra fixtures mean the light beams can reach the highest branches. The lighting is completed with Spot 3.4 projectors with 15° optics fixed directly to the tree trunks using fastener straps.

The staircase leading up to the house is flanked by a pair of Japanese maples standing in two flowerbeds. Here, too, the studio responsible for the lighting design chose continuity in the lighting fixtures by once again using Stra 1.0 to illuminate the tree's foliage from the ground up. The same type of plant also stands in a circular flowerbed next to the path leading to the swimming pool. In this case, two Bright 2.4 fixtures – in the version with 3000K white light, 47° optics and CRI 90 – were recessed between the stones at the base of the tree to create a play of light and shadow between the tree’s branches.

The illumination of the driveway leading to the house completes the lighting project. For this, Bright 1.6 fixtures with diffuse light were chosen, recessed between the stone slabs to mark the way.

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