Villa Monja

LocationLjuta, Kotor, Montenegro
ProjectEnforma Studio (Nikola Novakovic, Radovan Radoman)
PhotoRelja Ivanic

In 2015, architects Nikola Novakovic and Radovan Radoman of Enforma completed the project of renovating the interior of Villa Monja, an 18th-century stone building in the Bay of Kotor. The area has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1979 and therefore subject to the restrictions associated with the conservation of historic buildings.

The renovation has exploited the transparency of glass to give a contemporary twist to the building, using it to separate the different areas in the structure without creating visual limitations, and to construct a minimalist staircase and landing in glass and steel. The lightness of these innovative elements contrasts with and elevates the ancient stone walls and wooden structures to give the villa a sense of timeless elegance.

The lighting fixtures are in harmony with the architectural project’s minimalist style. White Cube W 1.0 wall-mounted fixtures (3000K, 6W, 28°) are set in the stone, heightening that material’s qualities, while Gem 1.1 (3000K, 2.5W, 42°) projectors, also in a white finish, punctuate the wooden beams in the living area.

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