Private residence

LocationBrescia, Italy
ApplicationPaths and steps, Facades, Landscape
Light planningCristian Turra
Interior designCristian Turra
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

For this residential project on the shores of Lake Iseo, L&L Luce&Light lighting solutions were chosen to enhance the building’s features both inside and out.

In the kitchen, Quad Maxi 1.1 recessed downlights, square modules with a single beam from the medium-angle optics, were used to discreetly light the work surfaces, together with two Kora 3.0 suspended fixtures above the kitchen peninsula. The fixtures have a white finish to match the kitchen furniture, and their pared-down look means they do not distract from the decorative wall covering.

For the feature columns in the living area, top-down lighting, using Esem 3.1 recessed fixtures with 20° optics, was chosen to emphasise their shape. The same fixtures also punctuate the pastel tones of the walkway. The functional lighting on the stairs and in the corridors is provided, respectively, by Line 1.0 step lights with diffuse optics and satin finish and by Esem 4.2 downlights with medium optics tiltable through 24°.

For the outside of the building, the project called for its distinguishing architectural elements to be picked out with Pivot 1.7 projectors, with narrow 11° optics, mounted on the upper part of the portico's columns, and Lyss 1.0 projectors positioned to accent the internal frames of the windows and doors with 10°x180° optics.

Geko 5.1 wall-mounted fixtures with medium-angle optics complete the external lighting. Finally, the steps down to the pool and the walkway around it are lit with the radial single-beam optics of stainless steel Beam 2.6 step lights.

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