Riflessioni Intono, light amid music and reflections

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Sunday was the final day of the temporary exhibition Riflessioni Intono, set up as part of the exclusive Brera Design District circuit during the Fuorisalone 2019. The exhibition, dedicated to the presentation of the new outdoor wall-mounted fixture Intono, was designed to encourage visitors to interact with the space and the lighting fixtures in order to put their own stamp on the scenes set and thus reveal Intono’s many possibilities.


Watch the video to relive the experience

The installation created by Vi+M Studio was designed to make the two main innovations of Intono – smart speaker function and ability to blend in – understandable to visitors and allow them to use them.

Intono has the power to integrate with its surroundings, becoming something new and unprecedented each time. In the exhibition area, all the fixtures had the same finish as their surrounds except for two wall-mounted fixtures. The first of these was painted with a textured finish typical of outdoor applications, the second one was only partially finished to show its infinite potential for expression.

Intono is also smart because it can be made to communicate with smart speakers over Wi-Fi using the ZigBee protocol, one of today’s main communication standards. The ZigBee protocol provides perfect compatibility with home-control systems and scenarios through, for example, the use of Google Home or Amazon Echo devices, which allow you to change lighting scenarios and music with quick voice commands. Finally, Intono is a “musical” lamp, too, because it can house an audio box to play any kind of sound or music.