Private residence

LocationIseo, Brescia, Italy
ApplicationPaths and steps, Facades
Interior designCristian Turra

This residential project,from the foundations to the interior design, is the work of Turra Arredamenti, who paid particular attention not only to the architectural design and home automation systems, but also to the choice of materials and finishes, without losing sight of the need to achieve the A+ energy efficiency class, one of the most important aspects of both everyday life and environmental sustainability.

The soul of the building is revealed in the living area, an elegant, roomy open-plan space in a contemporary style in neutral shades. In it, wooden elements, beige upholstery and a high ceiling with white-painted exposed beams blend together to create an evocative atmosphere of stark purity. The L&L Luce&Light lighting solutions enhance the spaces appropriately: the living area and kitchen use fully recessed 18W, 3000K Quad 6.3 fixtures with 24° optics and Quad Maxi 2.2, recessed downlights with a 15° tiltable light source. Thanks to the home-control system, both solutions can create accent or ambient lighting, depending on the requirements of the home owner.

There are two other types of recessed downlight in the kitchen area, too: the Esem 3.1 (8W, 3000K and 20° optics) was chosen for the wall units, while a number of Quad Maxi 4.1 fixtures (14W, 3000K and 20° optics) were installed above the island. In the basement, reality becomes fantasy at the sight of a bathroom area with a private spa where, between a multi-sensory shower, sauna, Turkish bath and whirlpool bath, relaxation is guaranteed. Quad Maxi 4.1 recessed downlights (14 W, 3000K and 20° tiltable optics) were installed here.

The floating staircase leading to the master bedroom, made of the same ash-grey deconstructed oak as the floors throughout the house, is highlighted with 2W Line 1.0 step lights with diffuse optics and a 3000K medium-warm light. A medium-warm, diffuse light was also chosen for the white, wood-beamed vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom with the use of Quad 2.0 (6W 3000K 12°) recessed into the walls. Finally, 6W, 3000K Cube W 1.0 with narrow, 18° light outputs were mounted above the line of the door jambs of some rooms, to provide a direct light source from above.

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