Exhibition “Andrea Doria, the most beautiful ship in the world” – Galata Maritime Museum

LocationGenoa, Italy
ApplicationMuseums and exhibitions
ProjectArch. Mirella Vivioli, Arch. Giovanna Galati

Sixty years after the shipwreck of the Italian ocean liner the Andrea Doria, and for the first time in Italy, the Ma.Mu and the Ansaldo Foundation have reconstructed a key event in the history of Italian shipping, with an exhibition that examines every aspect of this beautiful liner’s fate.

In the manner of the Galata Museum, visitors are offered the Andrea Doria experience. Reconstructions of different areas of the ship, including its bow in 1:5 scale and a section of deck tilted at 30°, lead visitors to retrace the path through the different decks that the passengers and crew had to take to escape the tragedy.

The exhibition's crowning glory is the six-metre-long model of the Doria that the Italian Line originally commissioned for promotional purposes. It was put into storage after the tragedy, and was forgotten about until it was found again by the director and housed in the museum.

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