darc night 2016

Light planningVeronica Lykou, Javier Marcos Castro, dpa lighting consultants London

Inner Iridescence is an installation that provokes a contrast of feelings. Its dull, modular exterior is in stark contrast to the beautiful, random interior. This sharp change in atmosphere is designed to play with the user’s mood. The bright colours surprise and uplift
the user as they move from the purposely drab environment that encases the installation.

A key characteristic of the installation was the choice of materials. As this exhibition is temporary, it was very important that the materials were reusable and recyclable. With this thinking as a driver for the design, tin foil was chosen for its reflective properties and cost effectiveness. Readily available, simple cardboard boxes created the desired, familiar, unassuming façade.
The outer walls allow the light to filter between the slits, hinting at the luminous event unfolding within the installation. This effect is achieved with the aid of small, powerful projectors, usually used in ampler contexts – to light the vaults and naves of churches, for instance – and which here concentrate their luminous power into a small cavity between the walls, from where it is freed through the slits.

In the interior, the light works across the textured, reflective walls and alters the spectator’s perception of the space, making them lose their bearings and themselves in the repeating colours. This effect was achieved by mixing precise colour tones and criss-crossing light beams of different widths.

Overhead RGB spotlights and low level RGB linears (Snack) immerse the cube in a full range of colours and reflections.

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