Azerbaijan Pavilion - EXPO 2015

LocationMilan, Italy
ApplicationMuseums and exhibitions

A Treasury of Biodiversity

The main idea behind the Azerbaijan pavilion is the biosphere, in other words, a system open to external flows while protecting and fostering the development of the life inside. The pavilion has grown from this key idea, composed of three biospheres that are set like jewels into the building’s overall design. The undulating wooden walls wrap around the building, evoking the movement of the wind that is typical of those lands and preserving the pavilion’s microclimate. They also stand as a symbol of the cultural and creative streams that have swept through the country since time immemorial. Azerbaijan is a unique model for biodiversity: within its boundaries are nine of the eleven climates known to exist in the world.

The pavilion has been designed to be dismantled at the end of Expo 2015 and then reassembled in Baku. It is the work of Simmetrico network, in collaboration with the Arassociati architectural studio, structural designers at iDeas and landscape architects AG&P.

L&L lighting fixtures have been used to light the pavilion’s focal points, such as the spheres themselves (Pivot 1.8 and Spot 4.0 customized product) and the green wall (Neva 2.1 and 2.2); in addition to this, numerous recessed lights have been installed in the floors on each level (Bright 1.0Bright 6.6, Litus 5.6 and Smoothy 5.4).


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