Vicenza Light Fest

LocationVicenza, Italy
Light planningStudio Traverso-Vighy
PhotoSenigallia, Chemollo

The project, designed by Studio Traverso-Vighy and staged by Raggi Di Luce, operates in the city at two levels. On one hand it enhances the streets of the old town centre, highlighting distinctive architectural features such as the Palladian loggias of the Basilica, the Cathedral bell tower in Piazza del Duomo, and the façade of the temple in San Lorenzo plaza.
On the other, illumination will give greater prominence and a new appeal to lesser-known sites such as the gardens of Palazzo Chiericati in Piazza dell'Isola and the shrubbery growing on the banks of the Bacchiglione River near the Pusterla bridge.

The technical team of L&L Luce&Light has worked closely with Studio Traverso-Vighy and Raggi di Luce to develop special lighting effects, with decisions taken jointly on appropriate illumination systems and, where necessary, modifying its products to meet project needs.

Some of the installations featuring equipment especially created for this event are described below.
Thirty lamps have been mounted on 1.5 metre plexiglass tubes in the Basilica loggias to bring alive mobile stalks characterised by red reflections and dangling loosely from the vaulted ceilings.
In Piazza dell'Isola, over 8 km of optical fibres have been installed in a structure designed to create the impression of five luminous columns suspended among the trees in the gardens in front of Palazzo Chiericati.
To illuminate the façade of Palazzo Valmarana Braga on Corso Fogazzaro a red film has been fitted to the lighting equipment placed at the base of the pilasters. The equipment is mounted on a special bracket designed to prevent damage to the historic Palladian building during installation.

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