Edifício Náutico

LocationCascais, Portugal
ProjectSubvert Studio
Light planningLight2Life
Photo© Sergio Guerra

Edifício Náutico is a commercial and residential complex in the centre of Cascais, a town on Portugal’s Atlantic coast.

The facade calls to mind the patterns on traditional Portuguese ceramics. Here, they form the sun baffles that work like curtains to preserve privacy and protect from the sun. The structure’s blue colour is a reference to the ocean on whose edge Cascais stands.

The ground floor is a reinterpretation of the porticos the city is known for, with a ceiling that undulates like ocean waves. On each of the portico pillars, there are two Geko 6.1 double-beam wall-mounted fixtures that emit both direct and indirect light with a customized combination of optics: 7° for the direct light and 70° for the indirect light. The 2400K colour temperature is also customized – the stylistic hallmark of the lighting in the entire structure.

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