Magari Estates Hotel

LocationColognola ai Colli, Verona, Italy
Projectlucearchitettura (Lorella Marconi, Cinzia Todeschini)
Light planninglucearchitettura (Lorella Marconi, Cinzia Todeschini)
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

Magari Estates is a modern boutique hotel that nestles among the vineyards on the Val D’Illasi hills in the province of Verona. This inviting complex is the product of a careful restoration of a 16th-century hunting lodge that has preserved all the farmhouse’s original charm, with its stone walls and exposed wooden beams on the ceilings. These features have been enhanced by the lighting design developed by Lucearchitettura in Verona, in the guise of lighting designers Cinzia Todeschini and Lorella Marconi.

Ginko 2.0 and 3.0 projectors with elliptical optics, fixed to the roof’s load-bearing beams, are directed downwards to light the walls of the internal courtyard with a wall-grazing effect that highlights the rough surface of the stonework. Meanwhile, Ella OUT wall-mounted fixtures are mounted on the facades facing the vineyards and the swimming pool. Ella OUT 2.0 fixtures light the restaurant’s external porch and mark the entrance to the Spa by the pool, while smaller Ella OUT 1.0 fixtures illuminate the first-floor terraces overlooking the vineyards. All the fixtures were chosen in a cor-ten finish to harmonise with the simple colour palette of their surroundings: the pale beige walls and dark brown exposed beams of the pergola and the roof structure.

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