Stay Cool Pavilion, Bangkok Design Week 2021

LocationBangkok, Thailand
ProjectNikken Sekkei
Light planningNulty+
Lighting supply sponsored byMosaic Eins
PhotoWeerapn Singnoi (images 01, 02) / Kian Jansuwan (images 03, 04)

The temporary pavilion set up for Bangkok Design Week 2021 was designed by Nikken Sekkei Thailand, a design and engineering studio that combines urban architectural design with the principles of sustainability, innovation and recyclability in response to today’s changing needs.

One material that Nikken Sekkei has identified as being 100% recyclable is the local terracotta bricks that have been used throughout Thailand since time immemorial. They absorb small amounts of water that then evaporate, helping to control the temperature inside buildings and delay heat emission.

Stay Cool Pavilion demonstrates the processes employed in BioSkin technology, a system in which rainwater is circulated through ceramic pipes and evaporated on the facade, absorbing heat and returning moisture to the atmosphere.

The installation is completed with lighting design by Nulty+, which provides grazing light on the vertical surfaces to highlight the texture of the bricks. At the same time, the light passing through the perforated walls projects a play of light and shadow onto the floor outside that symbolises traditional Thai lanterns.

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