Jakob Rope Systems

LocationTrubschachen, Switzerland
Light planningSommerlatte & Sommerlatte
PhotoSeverin Jakob

Distinctive interweaving metal cables adorn the facade of the headquarters of Jakob Rope Systems, a globally recognised manufacturer of metal ropes and frames. rollimarchini, the Bern architectural practice entrusted with the project, wanted to make Jakob Rope Systems’s flagship product the real protagonist of this façade through a process of identification by making the building’s aesthetic appearance dependent on the company’s core business.

The lighting for the facade was designed by the Swiss lighting design studio Sommerlatte & Sommerlatte, who decided to make use of the Lyss 1.0 projector’s 10°x180° optics to obtain a light blade effect trained directly onto the steel tie rods.

To achieve this result, it was necessary to position the projectors directly on the horizontal poles of the metal structure supporting the cables; the studio’s technicians worked with L&L’s technical department to design and then produce a custom bracket with a curved surface to attach the fixtures to the metal frame.

The result is a facade that’s one of a kind, an original combination of metal weaves, light and creativity.  

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