Gotha Cosmetics Headquarters

LocationBergamo, Italy

“Our work on the design led us to include a showroom building in this highly industrial setting, to set the visitor areas apart from the operational zones,” says the architect Pietro Perego, partner at iarchitects and project manager for this undertaking.

The new structure, which is connected to the office area, houses the customer-facing areas and has become Gotha Cosmetics’ new iconic entrance, a striking landmark that stands out against the surrounding industrial landscape.

The imposing yet ethereal “cube”, raised up from the ground, calls to mind the luxurious elegance of the company’s cosmetics packaging.

To underline these features, and to introduce colour variations, the Neva 5.2 // RGB linear profile was used with 24°x46° elliptical optics. These fixtures light the building's cladding with alternating chromatic scenarios, while the entire perimeter of the structure is lit with Neva 2.2 profiles with 3000K white light.

Finally, Flori 1.0 projectors were used to light the external areas: the space in front of the distinctive new entrance, and the terrace.

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