Boulevard Eindhoven Airport

LocationEindhoven, The Netherlands
ProjectEindhoven Airport BV
Light planningHar Hollands Lichtarchitect
Delivered byIndustrielicht BV
Landscape designMTD landscape architects

The extensive spaces adjacent to Eindhoven airport were the subject of a major redevelopment project, completed in April 2020, that included the construction of a large avenue serving as a link between the passenger terminal and a new multi-functional, multi-storey building.

Designed by MTD landscape architects, the large, tree-lined avenue is a public space that combines functionality with careful attention to the local ecosystem. The large beds that line the pavements have been filled with trees such as Scots pine and white birch, typical of Brabant, the region where Eindhoven is located.

To light the plants in these beds, the Har Hollands Office for Architectural Lighting chose Stra 2.0 lighting fixtures with 30° optics, with an ingenious installation solution: the fixtures, mounted in IP68 outer casings, were recessed into cylindrical tubes with the aim of raising the product off the ground so that the future growth of low vegetation and small shrubs in the beds will not cover the light emission. The lighting fixtures are fitted with the honeycomb louvre anti-glare accessory and have an AISI 316L stainless steel trim, treated to prevent corrosion, and 15-mm-thick tempered extra-clear glass. These materials ensure resistance to knocks and scratches, equipping the devices perfectly for urban contexts.

The choice of these lighting fixtures also answers the need to accommodate the plants’ changing sizes: the pines and birches will continue to grow over the years, and the fixtures’ 25W will ensure that the lighting effect will continue to reach and enhance the foliage and interweaving branches that are typical of these trees. The adjustable optics (±10° along the Z axis and ±30° along the X axis) also mean that the direction of the light emission can be changed to adapt to the vegetation’s future development. Adjusting the optics is a simple operation that can be carried out directly on site, without removing the fixture from its outer casing.

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