La Perla del Doge

LocationMolfetta, Bari, Italy
Executed byOnofrio Spadavecchia
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

Sitting on the Apulia shoreline, La Perla del Doge is a ceremony and events venue, sought after for its breathtaking view out across the blue Adriatic Sea.

The structure contains two large banqueting rooms that connect with the outdoor area through huge openings that call to mind an elegant portico. At the base of the huge picture windows that punctuate the exterior wall, there are Neva 5 linear profiles with RGB light and 15° narrow optics, chosen specifically to ensure the coloured light reaches right to the top of every opening. The fixtures are made of Anticorodal® aluminium alloy and offer excellent corrosion resistance as well as guaranteeing better heat dissipation. In combination with the anodizing process, this construction material protects the fixtures’ performance and appearance from the atmospheric and environmental agents that are typical of this area directly on the coast.

The shade of light emitted by the Neva profiles can be changed, meaning that a different light scene can be created every time, adapted to the particular style of each event and, if such a thing is even possible, conferring an even greater air of enchantment on this extraordinary location.

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