Angola Pavilion - EXPO 2015

LocationMilan, Italy
ApplicationMuseums and exhibitions
ProjectAntónio Gameiro, Paula Nascimiento

Food and Culture: Educate to Innovate

This is the theme chosen by Angola for its participation in Expo 2015: "Educate"  to raise awareness in society on the subject of food and its main characteristics, and "Innovate" to encourage good practice, knowledge and centuries-old traditions in line with policies of sustainability.

The pavilion has been designed by architects António Gameiro and Paula Nascimiento to be easy to dismantle and re-use, and has been built using sustainable materials. Its façade replicates the geometric patterns of traditional Angolan fabrics, creating a natural light filter.

Inside, an impressive, stylised baobab dominates the space, representing the starting point from which visitors begin their journey through Angolan culinary traditions. The route winds through four floors, prompting visitors to reflect on the country’s culture, and focuses on the importance of sustainable development as well as the central role of women as promoters of development and custodians of traditions.

There are many L&L lighting fixtures installed throughout the pavilion, including the recessed uplights Bright 5.H. These were chosen with RGBw LEDs, and 20° and 34° optics, and installed at the foot of the huge baobab, around the columns and against the walls. The same fixtures are also installed outside the pavilion, in the entrance area.

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