Riflessioni Intono, Fuorisalone 2019

LocationBrera Design District, Milan, Italy
ProjectVi+M Studio
PhotoAlessio Tamborini

Milan Design Week 2019 saw the participation of L&L with the artistic installation of Riflessioni Intono as part of the exclusive Brera Design circuit District during the Fuorisalone period.

The exhibition space, dedicated to the presentation of the Intono outdoor wall-mounted fixture, was designed by Vi+M Studio with the goal of explaining to visitors the features and uses of the device’s main innovations: its ability to blend in and its smart speaker function.

The artistic installation was presented to visitors in shades just of beige red, a chromatic uniformity that gave the space a surreal atmosphere.
The wall-mounted fixtures installed in the space were painted in this colour using the same paint as that used on the walls. This demonstrated how, thanks to its neutral and adhering surface, Intono can be painted with the same finish as the supporting wall and blend seamlessly into the background.
In the exhibition, three fixtures deliberately stood out from the others: two were painted in a green finish while the third was only partially painted, to show Intono’s infinite potential for expression.

In addition, Intono can communicate with smart speakers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi using the ZigBee protocol, and receive voice commands. This meant that visitors could change the lighting scene or ask the device to play back music – Intono can also house a speaker.

The setting was characterised by vertical panels on which the fixtures were mounted and by mirrored surfaces. Visitors were able to interact with their surroundings and change them by turning the panels and playing with the reflections, and by changing the music and the lighting scenes.
The installation was finished with birds, leaves and a ceiling that imitated the sky, elements that were chosen to bring to mind an outdoor setting.

“Visitors become actors, taking on the leading role. They take part in the performance with their voice, modifying lights and sound with simple voice commands, and participating actively in the scene.” This is how Vi+M Studio defined the relationship between human and lamp in the Riflessioni Intono installation.

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