Momentum, INTERNI Design Re-Evolution, Fuorisalone 2023

LocationCortile d'Onore courtyard, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
ProjectMAD Architects
PhotoDaniele Cortese

Implementation: AXA IM Alts
with: P.A.T.I., Maco Technology srl – Roberto Maffei
Lighting: L&L Luce&Light
Motion design: Studio AIRA
Fog effect: Nephos

The installation’s technical sponsorship saw us working together with architects from MAD Architects to use light to emphasise the artistic concept behind Momentum.

The iron structure, measuring 8 metres along each edge and 12.5 metres high, is covered with strips of ETFE polymer, a metallic, reflective material. During the day, it mirrors its surroundings, like a creative mind in the unpredictable act of searching for inspiration. As evening falls, the cube’s surface becomes ethereal, transparent, ceding to artificial light the main role in the installation.

The inner surfaces of the cube are lit with a grazing light by Rio 1.3 and Rio 1.4 profiles with diffuse light, 3700K, giving the object an “extra-ordinary” value. The fixtures are placed end to end to create continuous lines of light that enhance from within the reflective material with which the cube’s structure is clad. 

Meanwhile, nine Trevi 1.2 profiles with diffuse light, 4000K, are fixed to the triangular base that supports the cube. These fixtures are programmed to activate at regular intervals to create a light play that evokes the pulsing rhythm of the heart.

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